Keeping Corporate Trade Show Swag Out of Our Landfill and Into The Eager Hands of Our Schools and Those in Need
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We distribute thousands of pounds of excess trade show swag and materials to our schools every year.

From Kevin Lyter, Science Department Chairman at oak Grove High School:

To the Education Community,

I am so thrilled to thank Pass it on Please for all their generosity and hard work. This organization distributes valuable educational materials that would otherwise end up as landfill.

Running a science department would be much more difficult without the help of Pass it on Please, led by Robert Morris. Each month we are fortunate to receive valuable scientific literature, sample video media, sanitary containers, demonstration materials, and reusable bags that would otherwise be discarded. Our advanced science class devours each delivery of scientific journals, literature, and industrial newsletters. They are invaluable. These resources provide experiment ideas, explanations, and inspire learning. Students with similar interests team up to help each other search for the latest information.

A lot of the material we receive from Pass it on Please contains the latest and most current research. Much is not even available on the internet yet. Demonstration CD’s of company resources, new products, and advertising are particularly treasured.

The empty containers that are left behind have been an important resource for our teachers. We use sanitary product containers to store lab materials, organize lessons, and even to collect chemical wastes before disposal. Cloth bags, backpacks, and binders are put to use almost immediately. Every teacher scrambles for supplies, such as pens, paper, flashlights, screwdrivers, flash drives, magnets and more; gifts that motivate student to succeed.

As the educational resources provided by the government continue to diminish, we are lucky to have access to materials from a network of companies, unified under one distributor. Pass it on Please gives us the opportunity to reuse and recycle much needed materials, while reducing the waste going to landfill.

Thank you so much. Pass it on please.

Kevin Lyter
Science Department Chairman

…from Eric Gross, Principal at Soquel Elementary School:

To Members of Our Community and Beyond,

We have had access to a wonderful resource of supplies for our school.

These materials have been donated by a newly formed non-profit organization called Pass it on Please. The objective of Pass it on Please is to give surplus items from trade shows and special events to schools and other recipients who would benefit from them.

Some of the supplies we have received over the past few years are pens and pencils, printer paper, note pads, journals, nametag holders, hand sanitizer, fertilizer for the grounds keeper, and incentive gifts for children and teachers. Math and language enrichment materials and informative CD’s have also been provided, and items for art projects, and food projects and celebrations. Last but not least, large quantities of cloth bags and small boxes have been donated for teachers to use as they wish.

I am writing this letter to express our gratitude for everything our staff has selected from the many contributions we have received. Having a non-profit organization available to gather and distribute these surplus items from exhibitors to our school, has enhanced our programs at Soquel Elementary School. I would like to encourage companies and agencies to continue to share that which they no longer need, with us and with others.

Thank you.

Eric Gross

Principal, Soquel Elementary School

Updated 2-22-17